Yes, 1000+ wheel horsepower Evo's are nothing new. That is crazy to say considering this AG Autosports built Mitsubishi Evo is working with a 2.0 liter 4G63 inline-4 motor. This is definitely a strong example of horsepower per liter.

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Crispeed Tuned did the tuning on a Haltech Elite standalone and seemed nonchalant when posting the graph as if this is common for them.

Frankly, BoostAddict would like more details as 1000+ awhp out of an Evo is insane.

The power curve and lag are not even that bad and it is revving over 9k rpm:

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As for the turbocharger, it is a PTE6870. Tuned on E85 at 51 lbs of boost.

Very, very impressive build by AG Autosports.